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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Take this review to heart,so your talent can bloom

I thought it seemed decent at first, however good the meaning was. The religion just merely ruined the feeling. Being an atheist i thought maybe i was being too biased, so i decided to rate it on animation quality, and the visual story.
So with that stated.
The animation was good, but would've been better in my opinion, if less keyframing was used and a bit more tweening. although it felt moving, at the end when the main character dies i didn't care at all. I felt most of the entire story was just him confused and running around feeling sorry for every one.
It was hard to see any accomplishments the character had, because of the fast pace, and lack of detail. So overall it was hard to make a connection to him.
The song was good, however i felt that the flash was more of a music video for the song, rather than a flash with a deep meaning.
So, all i can merely wish for in this flash is a increase in detail, and a slow pace where it matters(fast pace where it doesn't).
So that's it, i hope you take this review, and improve your talent.
ow and the title screen is a bit scary. :D

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